1. My Journey…

Hi, I’m Leslie! I’m an advertising major and senior at the UO. I’ll be graduating Fall term ’13 and while this is super exciting it is also very intimidating. Am I ready? Will I get a job in my projected field? What does my future hold? Will I be successful? Will I make it?
And so on…

I’m the type of person that likes to make plans and precautions. Not only am I a student at the UO but I am also a staff member. I work in Housing as a Food Service Worker 2; creating new menu items while supervising a small staff of students. It’s also a type of job that I can fall back on after I graduate (something I hope I will never have to do). BUT it has prolonged my college experience. If you must know I’m a 6th year senior.
College thus far has been an adventure. Much like the game “Journey,” it’s been more about the journey itself rather then reaching the end point. I’ve learned so much by taking classes that seemed interesting rather than classes I’ve needed just to graduate. From learning about subcultures to taking MANY writing classes, I feel that I have grown as a person and am ready for what life has to offer (not to sound too cheesy). While the journey has been a long one, I plan on using the knowledge and lessons learned while at the UO in my future plans.

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