7. Creatvity Sent Straight To Your Door

ImageArtSnacks you gorgeous creative innovators, you! I love these guys-basically they send you a little box every month of art supplies from around the world. This can range from pencils, paint, and pens. The only thing is, you have to subscribe to them on a monthly basis or for a full year. In the United States it’s $20 a month and $30 for international (you can do the math for what would be a yearly subscription). There idea is plain and simple-they send you cool stuff to draw with.

EatSleepDrawI heard about this awesome group off of my own Tumblr page. I follow a blog over there called Eat Sleep Draw. Its a Tumblr blog that posts artists work that the artists themselves send to them. They think of themselves as less than a blog and more like a curated art gallery. Basically if you feel that you want to show the world your art, submit your work to them and they will post it. However, not everything that gets submitted gets posted to the art blog. They get over a thousand submissions a day, so naturally they can’t post everything.

I love both of these tools. I especially use Eat Sleep Draw as a way to inspire creativity. The art that they post ranges from many different types of art. From paintings, sketches, to the abstract, anything is allowed on their blog. This also makes for some killer pieces that vary greatly.

EatSleepDraw Art1EatSleepDraw Art3EatSleepDraw Art2

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