15. Eco Arts: Recycled Sculptures

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

Recycle sculptures, they’re ecofriendly, beautiful, promote recycling, and innovative. They are works of art that include anything and everything that can be reused. This can range from old soda cans to eWaste. They also take what most would consider junk or trash and turn it into gorgeous sculptures of art.
metal dragonBird SculptureGiant-steampunk-dragon-sculpture-5
Eco arts combines art and recycling to create something more and help reduce carbon footprints on the planet. For more information on recycling, Recycle Now is a great website for everything recyclable. They also created this neat little video on the making of recycled sculptures.

Recycled sculptures show the consciousness of the artist and the time, focus, and hard work that has gone into a piece. Sculptures truly capture the essence and skill of patience an artist; they’re also just plain cool.
can sculpture dragon Recycled Fish SculptureDog Sculptures Frog Sculpture

Yearly events such as the Recycled Sculpture Show are held for artists where they can display their best of the best and all their talents. Than there is Recyclart; a website solely on creating a portfolio of recycled art to inspire and brainstorm sustainable creativity. I highly recommend checking out the website to get the creative juices flowing. Below are some pictures of the featured art.
gator bottles Fish Sculpture Shoe Sculpture
So how can you start? Gather everyday materials and visualize the different things you could make out of it. I like to look how I can turn things into dragons or animals with random materials. You can also check out Pinterest for ideas or websites that will give you a basic start to creating crafts and than go from there. Whatever you decide to do, it’s fun, innovative, and environmentally friendly.

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