13. My Little Ponies is for Little Girls

Well sorta.

Image My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic is an animated children’s television show, produced by Hasbro, about Ponies, and, well, magic and friendship (go figure). Hasbro picked Lauren Faust as the creative director and executive producer for the show. Faust looked to challenge the already existing My Little Pony line by creating more in-depth characters and adventurous settings, incorporating Hasbro’s suggestions for E/I (“educational and informational”) content and marketing of the toy line.

ImageThe show is innocent enough and mesmerizingly cute. Yes, I admit to watching the show, I really enjoy Faust’s animation style and some of the character designs and songs are very well done. I mostly enjoy the villains they create; Queen Chrysalis (pictured left) being my favorite so far. So call me a brony if you’d like but I honestly like what the show does, even if the older fan base has gotten a negative representation.

The show is about six female ponies showing their strong feminist capabilities of solving problems, going on adventures, being friends, and fighting evil. It’s a great show for the target market (my four year old cousin loved watching this with me) and for those who want to reminisce about a remake of a show they used to watch when they were younger. Furthermore it’s a show that combines cute animated ponies without a huge love interest (aka-completely innocent).

The show has created a large cult following and has created one of the largest global fanbase and cultural phenomenons. From it people have made fanart, created conventions solely on the show, daily blog posts, fan forums, and fan fiction (all of which range from the innocent to what the hell did I just look at). Furthermore the show has also taken pop culture references such as Dr.Who, fan suggestions (Derpy), and other cultural icons that have appeared in the show.

Than I found about their spinoff series:

All I can say is WHY?
Why would you do this Hasbro? Your fans want cute little pones going on adventures and singing songs; not teen drama! If you wanted to try and grasp an older audience, news flash, you already have. Plus the idea making humanized ponies (aka furries) and setting them in a high school setting, goes against everything the show has ever done or stood for. And the animation style? I thought this “trailer” was a fan-made video. I have honestly seen better art, well, from the fans.

MLP Equestria Girls PosterI expect people to have mixed feelings about this. Mostly I think this is Hasbro trying to bastardized the series to make profit. The only thing I know is I’m glad this isn’t going to be the main series focal point and that it is only a spin-off film (though rumors are told that it was originally a spin-off series). I’m not telling you to not see it, but I most likely will not be seeing it (let’s just go with I definitely won’t be paying for it).