3. Oh PAX

Something very exciting happened to me on Wednesday…I got tickets to PAX Prime (cue music).

Pax logo
PAX stands for Penny Arcade Expo. Similar to your anime-cons and comic-cons, it is a convention that has been held every year since 2004. From panels to concerts to exhibits, PAX runs a 4 day course in Seattle, WA. But what really makes PAX neat is the amount of things there are to do and that it is a convention solely focusing on gaming. This includes handheld consoles, smart phones, computers, and consoles that range from the Wii U to the PS3. It is also a convention to meet artists, designers, and developers; to partake in freeplay and demos of up coming games. They also feature tabletop games and computer hardware and software. You could sit down and listen to panels, go meet-and-greet with some game developers, play a few rounds of “Munchkin,” compete in a tourney of video game prowess, or sit down and freeplay on PCs until 2 in the morning.pax4

So what’s the big deal? I mean, it’s a convention for gaming just like any other expo convention.Pax Prime1
But wait! PAX Prime and PAX East are the two largest gaming events in North America. AND considering when ticket sales went live via Twitter, within 20 minutes of them opening the floodgates, all 4-day passes sold out. Within 6 hours of releasing ticket sales, all single-day passes had sold out. CRAZY! Of course most of these tickets are now being resold for ridiculous amounts of money. I was lucky enough to snag day passes for Friday and Sunday.

So to put it lightly-I’M SO EXCITED! They haven’t put up any information on who is going to be there or what exhibits will be shown. Actually, they’re still taking submissions for panels and speakers. But what I do know is I will be walking up and down that exhibit hall all day, soaking in the culture, games, and awesome costumes that many have worked on for months-and it’s only 139 days away.

PAX5Pax prime2Pax6